Character Art Commissions

I've mostly been doing art commissions of role playing characters for the last couple of years. I even got a reputation for killing people's characters with my art (seriously, something like 80% of them died at the very next game after I drew them.) I'm quite happy to draw other characters of course. And am less likely to be their doom.

What I need from you:
- Reference images of your character. If they're humanoid but not actually human then I especially need images of their face or whatever elseit is that makes them distinctly not human.
- Reference images of the outfit you want your character drawn in. The bigger and more detailed the better.
- Anything you want to particularly draw attention to as a really important thing in the reference images so I don't miss it. (For eg. the dainty little necklace the character's dead sister gave them and they never take off or the fact the character never ever wears red as his faith believes it's sinful. Or whatever.)
- Anything that I should be including that isn't obvious or included in the images you've provide.
- Please tell me if there is a specific date you need it by! I need at least two weeks, more is nice, and if you need a print you need to factor in at least a week for postage.

- 30 for a single character, full body, full digital colour.
- 20 for a single character, half body (to around the waist), full digital colour.
- Prices for couples or group pictures are more variable.

Payment can be made by:
- Bank transfer (UK accounts only)
- Paypal

What you will get:
- A digital image file of your character, in a style similar to those seen here.
- The option of an A4 glossy print copy. This is usually £5 extra to cover the print costs and p&p.
- I generally keep my original pencil sketches, largely cause they end up quite a mess, but if you really reeeeally want it I am open to negotiation.

If you happen to be a larper who goes to either Empire or Odyssey I can accept payment by cash at an event and also hand over a print then. I can be found in the Navarr camp at Empire and in Rome at Odyssey. Do check with me to make sure I'll be there first!

Got all that? Want a commission then? Awesome.

Email me at with "Commission" as the subject and we can discuss what you want.

Note: You might recall me doing custom fashion dolls and pixel art in the past as commissions. I don't really do pixel art anymore but I may have some custom dolls to sell some time in the future, and I'll definitely publiscise that here, but I don't think I'll be doing them as commissions again any time soon.



All artwork © Joanna Bendle, unless otherwise stated, and may not be reproduced or altered without express permission.