Q: What programs do you use?
A: I use PaintTool SAI for all my digital lineart and colouring. I use Photoshop CS something-or-other for all my pixel art and some editing.

Q: Can I commission some art from you?
A: Absolutely. For details see my commissions page. Note that those are prices for personal use only, for commercial use things will be different.

Q: I don't see any details for commissioning a custom doll. How can I get one?
A: I do not currently do comissions for dolls. I will be selling some completed customs every now and then via etsy. I will announce when a doll is for sale on my tumblr and in the news section here.

Q: I don't have any money, do you take requests?
A: I'm afraid not.

Q: I'm working on a site/game/novel/comic/etc and I'd really like if you could do some art for it. I can't pay you now but if it's a hit you'll totally get credit for it and I might be able to pay you something then!
A: No. Just... no. I could go into the reasons why you can't ask people to make art for you in return for the experience, or possible kudos when you make it big, or cause they should simply be grateful that someone likes their art enough to ask, but other people have said this far more clearly than I ever could.

Q: What happened to all your pixel dolls? Didn't you have a lot more than that? And what about your bases?
A: Here I have only showcased dolls I particularly like from the past few years that were also entirely my own work, rather than made on other people's bases. The rest of my dolls and my bases will still be available on my site devoted to pixel dolls, If Looks Could Kill... (which is still unfinished at this point), I just didn't feel this was the right place for them.

Q: What is this LRP thing you speak of?
A: Oh boy. I think I'm just going to point at wikipedia and let it try to explain. I've kind of given up trying, no-one ever seems any more enlightened when I do.



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